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4th Meeting of the SPRFMO Commission (COMM4)

Valdivia, Chile
25 January to 29 January 2016
Gordon Neil
Executive Secretary:
Johanne Fischer


The fourth Commission Meeting of the South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation was held in Valdivia, Chile, from 25 to 29 January 2016.The meetings of the 3rd Compliance & Technical Committee and the 3rd Finance & Administration Committee were held in conjunction with the 4th Commission meeting. The venue was the Dreams Hotel.


The FINAL REPORT is now available.

Annex A - Welcome by Ra l S nico (Chile)

Annex B - Chairpersons opening speech (Gordon Neil)

Annex C - Statement by the DeepSea Conservation Coalition

Annex D - Scientific Committee Workplan for 2016

Annex E - Report of the 3rd Finance and Administration Committee (FAC) meeting

Annex F - SPRFMO Staff Regulations

Annex G - Budget for the 2016-17 Financial Year

Annex H - Report of the 3rd Compliance and Technical (CTC) Committee

Annex I - Final Compliance Report (2016)

Annex J - Final IUU List (2016)

Annex K - Amendment to Decision 1.02 (Rules for CNCPs)

Annex L - Report of the VMS Working Group

Annex M - Amended Terms of Reference for the VMS Working Group

Annex N - CMM 4.01 for Trachurus murphyi

Annex O - Amendment to CMM 1.04 (Establishing an IUU List)

Annex P - Amendment to CMM 3.02 (Data Standards)

Annex Q - CMM for New and Exploratory Fishing

Annex R - Amendment to CMM 2.05 (Record of Vessels)

Annex S - CMM for Exploratory Fishing for Toothfish

Annex T - Amendment to CMM 2.04 (Minimising Bycatch of Seabirds)

Annex U - Amendment to CMM 3.03 (Compliance Monitoring Scheme)

Annex V - Amendment to CMM 2.03 (Bottom Fishing)

Annex W - CMM on Vessels without Nationality

Annex X - Terms of Reference for the Observer Programme Working Group

Annex Y - List of Attendees

Please note that proposals to amend the SPRFMO CMMs are included under the meeting page of the Compliance and Technical Committee.

COMM-04-01 Provisional

COMM-04-01_supp Annotated Agenda

COMM-04-02 4th Commission Meeting Document List

COMM-04-03 Status of the Convention (Depositary)

COMM-04-04 Draft Annual Report of the Commission

COMM-04-05 Report of the 3rd Scientific Committee meeting

COMM-04-06 Report of the 3rd Finance & Administration Committee meeting

COMM-04-07 Report of the 3rd Compliance & Technical Committee meeting

COMM-04-08 Access to evidence leading to IUU listing

COMM-04-09 Memorandum of Understanding with CCAMLR

COMM-04-10 NZ Proposed Amendment to CMM 1.04


COMM-04-INF-01 Data submitted to the Secretariat

COMM-04-INF-02 Tentative Meeting Program and Timetable

COMM-04-INF-03 The Secretariat's administrative report

COMM-04-INF-04 Observer Programmes of RFMOs

COMM-04-INF-05 List of Authorised and Active vessels

COMM-04-INF-06 DeepSea Conservation Coalition Briefing for the 4th Meeting of the SPRFMO Commission

COMM-04-INF-07 Southern Hemisphere Porbeagle Stock Assessment update

COMM-04-WP-01 Proposed Ammendment to CMM 3.01 (Korea)

COMM-04-WP-02 SC report presentation

COMM-04-WP-03_rev4 Proposal for a CMM for Exploratory Fisheries (Australia)

COMM04-WP-04_rev1 Proposed Amendment to CMM2.07 Port inspection (Chile)

COMM-04-WP-05_rev1 DRAFT Terms of Reference for the SPRFMO OPWG

COMM-04-WP-06_rev1 NZ Proposed Amendment to CMM 1.04

COMM04-WP-07 Recommended ammendments to the Implementation Report Template

COMM-04-WP-08 Preliminary List of Attendees

COMM-04-WP-09_rev4 Draft CMM for Exploratory Fishing For Toothfish

COMM04-WP-10 Proposed amendment for CMM 2.05 (Record of Vessels)

COMM04-WP-11_rev2 DRAFT CMM on stateless vessels (previously COMM04-WP-11_rev1)

COMM04-WP-12 VMS Recommendations, Tender and ToR

COMM04-WP-13 Proposed Ammendments for JM CMM

COMM04-WP-14 VMS Tenderer Evaluation Criteria (EU)

COMM04-WP-15 Proposed amendment to CMM 2.03 (BF)

COMM04-WP-16 Proposed amendments to CMM 2.04

COMM04-WP-17 Proposal for observation at landing_rev1

COMM04-WP-18 SC Workplan

COMM04-WP-19 Chairperson proposal to ament Decision 1.02